Grape Benefits Ltd has over forty years of financial services experience. Based in Birmingham City Centre, the advice is complimented by an experienced and dedicated employee benefits team.

Grape Benefits specialise in providing impartial and trusted employee benefits advice. We are renowned for providing extremely high levels of service, advice and communication. Our process is continuous and delivered to members annually. This emphasis on service, and sustained relationships has set us far apart from our competitors.

The team spends considerable time to ensure every member fully understands the benefits they have. Such personalised advice is invaluable in retaining the very best employees which in turn fosters greater loyalty.

Our expertise and highly personalised service means that the considerable responsibility and liability of maintaining your company benefits lies with us. Grape Benefits pro-actively communicate the features and benefits to employers and employees alike, whilst providing personal advice to each individual scheme member on an annual basis.

Grape Benefits is totally committed to ensuring that our clients are treated fairly:

  • We will fully disclose the remuneration we receive as a company.
  • Provide you with clear and concise information to assist your understanding of any services or products we propose.
  • We will keep you appropriately informed before, during and after the point of sale.
  • Only recommend services or products that are suitable for your needs and circumstances.
  • Advise you if there are any conflicts of interest.